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Our offer

Our main domain is the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment and recycling of cables. We have all the necessary permits for the collection, transport, recovery and processing. Moreover, EKOSKAR possesses the necessary technological infrastructure and the area along with the processing plant so that we can guarantee the safety of collected waste and a high level of services quality.



We offer:


*       Collection of electrical and electronic equipment

*       Collection of batteries and accumulators

*       Loading of with our own staff

*       Inventory and photo documentation on request

*       Assumption of full legal responsibility for the collected waste

*       Issuing exposure waste transfer cards

*       Destruction of documents and electronic data

*       Dismantling of equipment and installations

*       Furniture recycling

*       Providing sealed containers for the collection of documents for destruction

*       Management of collected waste compliant with the regulations and transfer to companies who are registered by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

*       High quality and safety of services including written confirmation of confidentiality of commercial and technological information

*       Tailored and convenient model of cooperation


We offer free consulting for employees of offices, institutions, companies, and anyone who needs consulting for the electronic waste management. We always try to help, because we put the common good above business objectives.



We invite to cooperation:


*       Importers and entities collecting equipment

*       Organizations recycling electrical and electronic equipment

*       Companies and institutions, as well as operators 

*       Local government institutions operating selective waste collection points

*       Facilities collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment from households

*       Electronic and electrical service points

*       Electronic equipment and cables collection