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Circuit boards

We buy all kinds of circuit boards such as:

  • from computers
  • telecommunications
  • from notebooks
  • from servers
  • extensions
  • from mobile phones
  • measuring
  • from TV
  • from radio receivers
  • and many others

Circuit boards we divided on three categories:

  1. A (I) We include in it:
    • computer mainboards (old and new)
    • mainboards from notebooks
    • mainboards from servers
  2. B (II) We include in it:
    • from printers
    • from switches
    • from routers
    • from photocopiers
  3. C (III) We include in it:
    • circuit boards from monitors
    • circuit boards from TV receivers
    • circuit boards from radio receivers

We accept plates without metal elements (mounting frames, herrings, backplate) or aluminum heat sinks. Batteries placed on discs must be removed.

All types of accessories mentioned above reduce the value of the goods. A significant drop in price also occurs with looted chipset boards (e.g. computer and server boards), transistors (e.g. measuring boards) and microprocessors.