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Offer for institutions

We serve institutions such as Offices, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

The logistic minimum is 250 kg.

If the equipment is less, the collection is carried out in the “individual customers” formula.

We encourage cooperation.

We collect the following electrical and electronic equipment as well as electronics and household appliances:

  • refrigeration equipment: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, fans;
  • TV sets: CRT, LCD, plasma, CRT monitors, LCD;
  • desktop and personal computers, printers, photocopiers, scanners, shredders, landline and mobile phones, telephone exchanges, computer accessories, servers, switches, routers, uninterruptible power supplies, cables and other small electronics;
  • large and small household appliances: power tools, washing machines, electric stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, toasters, vacuum cleaners and other small household appliances;
  • audiovisual equipment: radio receivers and transmitters, cameras, monitoring devices, Hi-Fi equipment, etc.;
  • alkaline batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and accumulators, lead batteries and accumulators;
  • and other WEEE not listed;

The above assortment is collected in codes 16 02 11 *, 16 02 13 *, 16 02 14, 16 02 16, 16 06 01, 16 06 02, 16 06 04 free of charge – the contractor does not bear any costs.

The only WEEE assortment we charge for utilization is used fluorescent lamps and other mercury bulbs. When selling light bulbs, a recycling fee is charged, therefore the seller / supplier of fluorescent lamps is obliged to take used ones in a ratio of 1 for 1 and this should be requested.

Toners (16 02 16) as well as magnetic data carriers (16 80 01) that are not WEEE – for individual valuation for disposal.